Usually, the industrial and consumer products used each day perform their intended tasks without incident. If merchandise has defects, their use could quickly go from as expected to dangerous.

If you have sustained damage due to a defective item, a compassionate personal injury attorney could be able to help. Pursuing legal action could result in the compensation you need, but suing a major corporation could be a significant undertaking. Let a Cleveland product liability lawyer carry the load for you throughout the course of your lawsuit.

Common Injuries from Defective Merchandise

The potential injuries that could come with a product defect are virtually limitless. There are countless types of items in the market, and each of them could have a different effect on the body if faulty. That said, certain injuries are more common than others. Hand and face injuries are common, especially with items that may overheat. Internal injuries and illnesses are also common due to potentially defective food or medicine. Some of the other common types of injuries in these cases include:

Any consumer that has sustained an injury due to a defective product should consider discussing their case with an attorney knowledgeable in these types of cases. A merchandise liability attorney in Cleveland could provide the insight and guidance necessary to prevail in a claim like this.

Compensation for a Product Defect Claim

If an individual suffers injuries from a defective item, they could face severe physical, emotional, and financial hardships. While the harm that comes with these accidents cannot be undone, it could be possible to recover monetary compensation from the responsible party. This compensation could cover the plaintiff’s out-of-pocket expenses as well as the other trauma resulting from the injury.

Medical Costs

Medical expenses are one of the most important factors in a product liability case. If the injuries are serious, long-term medical treatment could be necessary. For some people, their medical needs might last for the rest of their life. A civil lawsuit against the at-fault party could help recover the cost of that treatment. Some of the medical expenses that could be covered in a merchandise defect case include the cost of emergency surgery, hospital stays, ambulance rides, prosthetic limbs, and pain medication.

Pain and Suffering

Injuries resulting from a defective product could be extremely painful. While a person hurt by one of these items has the right to pursue monetary compensation from the manufacturer, it may be challenging to identify what a pain and suffering claim might be worth. A dangerous goods attorney in Cleveland could assist with evaluating a pain and suffering claim following a defective item injury.

Lost Wages

One of the challenges of an unexpected injury is the inability to work after the accident. Many injuries are so severe that it is impossible to ever return to work full time. An injury claim could cover past and future lost wages following an injury like this.

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Dangerous and defective merchandise could have serious and even deadly consequences. Severe harm because of a faulty product could change the course of your life forever. Do not fight insurance companies and the responsible party alone. If you have been hurt because of a defective item, an attorney could help you pursue justice. Contact a Cleveland product liability lawyer to learn more.