A slip and fall accident could be caused by a slippery floor, unsecured handrails, uneven flooring, and many other hazards. Not only is it an embarrassing situation to fall in public, but also incredibly dangerous. Very serious injuries may result when a business or private property owner fails to remedy trip and fall hazards on their premises.

Slip and fall incidents that result in injuries may qualify for compensation through a successful claim with the help of a well-versed personal injury attorney. To learn more about your ability to file a claim, consult an experienced Cleveland slip and fall lawyer.

How Might a Slip and Fall Accident Occur?

A trip and fall accident can be caused by many hazards. Perhaps the most example is a person falling on a wet floor in a grocery store. Other incidents that may lead to a serious slip and fall accident include:

A person who is injured in a trip and fall accident may require extensive medical treatment and have to stay out of work until they’ve healed. Fortunately, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages are recoverable with the help of a Cleveland attorney experienced in slip and fall claims.

Proving Negligence in a Cleveland Slip and Fall Claim

To recover losses related to a slip and fall injury, it is necessary to prove that the defendant’s negligence caused the accident. Negligence occurs when the defendant’s actions or inaction breaches their duty of care to the plaintiff. If their breach of care results in harm to the plaintiff, they may be legally and financially responsible for the resulting damages.

Property owners have a duty to keep visitors safe from foreseeable harm. When a guest is harmed in a slip and fall incident, the property owner or manager may be held liable if they knew or should have known about the falling hazard but failed to remedy it in a timely manner or warn visitors of the danger.

Dealing with the “Open and Obvious Doctrine”

A common defense used by negligent property owners in certain trip and fall cases is the open and obvious doctrine, which holds that if the hazard was obvious to a reasonable observer, the defendant cannot be held responsible for any injuries that occur. In application, the doctrine is far more complicated, subject to many limitations, and doesn’t even apply in some cases.

Plaintiffs who hear this defense may believe their case won’t succeed—especially those who are not properly represented by a knowledgeable attorney. This defense has many exceptions that may apply to a person’s case and permit them to recover compensation for their losses.

Consult a Skilled Slip and Fall Attorney in Cleveland

Your case deserves a closer look to determine exactly how much compensation you are owed. Strategic presentation of available evidence may secure significant compensation from the responsible property owner or managers. To determine your rights after a trip and spill accident on someone else’s property, discuss your situation with a well-practiced Cleveland slip and fall lawyer.