Avid cyclists love to ride for transportation purposes, health, and recreation. There are numerous benefits to using a bicycle for travel. Unfortunately, there are also many careless drivers on the roadways that often cause accidents. Most incidents that involve a vehicle and a bike will lead to severe and life-changing injuries for the cyclist involved.

Bike riders have the same legal rights to the roadways as every other vehicle on the road. When motorists do not abide by those rules, the law will hold them financially responsible. If you were injured due to someone else’s careless or reckless actions, a personal injury attorney could help you recover damages from the responsible party. Contact a skilled Cleveland bicycle accident lawyer to schedule a meeting today.

Recovering Damages After a Bicycle Crash

It is ideal to settle the accident claim for damages with the driver’s insurance company. However, because of the high cost of medical bills that many people suffer in bicycle incidents, insurance companies will often attempt to settle quickly at low amounts or blame the cyclist. Therefore, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from a committed bicycle accident attorney. They could handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company to get you the compensation you deserve.

Allowing a legal professional to handle communications will help ensure a pushy insurance adjuster does not convince the plaintiff to settle at an amount much too low to cover the damages. If an insurance provider does not agree to a fair amount, a Cleveland bike injury lawyer could assist in filing the claim with a civil court. After a legal professional proves liability, a settlement would cover expenses, including current and future medical bills, lost salary, and any emotional anguish or pain and suffering.

Common Bicycle and Vehicle Accident Injuries

When a heavy vehicle hits a person on a bicycle, the rider has nothing protecting them from the impact. The crash often sends riders flying, landing with a hard force on the road. Some of the common injuries after these accidents include:

Severe injuries could leave cyclists with permanent damages that require long-term medical care and missing extended time from work. A Cleveland bicycle accident attorney could help the injured individual pursue financial reimbursement from the responsibility party for their losses.

Bicycle and Vehicle Safety Rules

In Ohio, there is a rule that requires motorists to stay a minimum of three feet behind bicycles while driving behind or passing them. There are also rules that bicycle riders must adhere to avoid risks. According to Ohio Revised Code 4511.55, cyclists must stay as far to the right side of the road as possible when vehicles are passing.

If a driver fails to act safely and causes a collision, contacting a seasoned bicycle crash lawyer in Cleveland right away could help someone’s chances of recovering damages. They could investigate and find the evidence necessary to prove liability and collect damages to cover losses from the accident.

Schedule a Consultation With a Cleveland Bicycle Accident Attorney

If a driver hit you or caused you severe injuries due to reckless vehicle operation, you have every right to hold them responsible. Ohio state legislation gives bike riders the same rights and responsibilities as motorists on roads and highways. When the driver of a car fails to follow safety legislation, they must pay for their careless actions.

A hard-working attorney could help you through the complicated civil claims process. If you sustained injuries because of a motorist’s negligence, contact an experienced Cleveland bicycle accident lawyer to schedule a consultation.