Injuries that leave someone unable to perform daily functions are considered catastrophic in nature. When a person is unable to do things for themselves such as driving, eating, cleaning up, or other daily activities, their quality of life can be seriously impaired. Serious injuries also usually involve extensive and ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation and tend to leave victims out of work for extended periods of time, if not permanently.

When injuries of this magnitude are caused by someone’s careless actions, an experienced Cleveland catastrophic injury lawyer could help hold them accountable in civil court. Consult with a local personal injury attorney to learn more about your rights in the event of a catastrophic impairment.

Understanding Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are those that temporarily or permanently alter someone’s previous lifestyle in a substantial way. Someone injured in a catastrophic accident may be robbed of their hobbies, employment, relationships, and many other things they once considered a part of their “normal” lives.

Typical examples of catastrophic injuries include:

Significant injuries such as these can change a person’s life forever. The suffering that person will endure as a result may also be severe and worth substantial compensation in a civil lawsuit.

Common Causes of Catastrophic Harm in Cleveland

While any accident could potentially lead to a serious and catastrophic injury, a plaintiff is likely to suffer them in certain situations more often. Common catastrophic accident scenarios may include:

When someone is severely harmed because another person acts carelessly, their damages may be compensable in a successful catastrophic injury lawsuit.

Comparative Negligence in Catastrophic Injury Claims

Catastrophic injuries typically require ongoing medical and rehabilitative care, meaning the potential recoverable damages will be expensive. As a result, defendants will often attempt to shift all or part of the blame onto the plaintiff. Ohio Revised Code §2315.33 states that so long as the injured claimant is 50 percent or less at fault for their own harm, they can recover a reduced amount of compensation that reflects their degree of liability.

If a plaintiff is found 51 percent or more at fault for their own catastrophic injuries, they are not permitted to recover any damages whatsoever. Fortunately, a diligent and well-practiced lawyer serving the Cleveland area could help catastrophically injured individuals and their families refute any allegations of comparative fault to effectively maximize their compensatory award.

Let a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Cleveland Help

Your life may have changed drastically as the result of your or your loved one’s catastrophic injuries. Through all of the pain and difficulties, you may rely on an attorney to help you pursue the full extent of your claim to compensation. Contacting a Cleveland catastrophic injury lawyer is the first step to recovering your family’s losses.