There is a chance of suffering a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, in most accidents—even when they seem minor. A severe head or brain injury can lead to a short- or long-term disability and permanently keep you from returning to work. Brain injuries can lead to many challenges and even cause personality changes that alter your entire life.

These injuries also usually have a devastating effect on the person’s entire family. When another party’s negligence causes the injury, they should pay for the damages they caused. Contact a Cleveland traumatic brain injury lawyer for assistance collecting the compensation you deserve after an accident. A hard-working and compassionate catastrophic injury attorney is prepared to help you throughout the entire legal process.

Accidents Often Leading to Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any accident that causes a severe blow or jolt to the head can lead to TBIs. The injuries are life-threatening and often require long-term, extensive medical care, and follow-up. Some of the most common reasons people suffer traumatic brain injuries include:

A proactive Cleveland TBI settlement attorney could review the details of the accident and help prepare a strong case to pursue monetary damages.

Common Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be mild to severe and have a wide range of potential symptoms. There are different forms of brain injuries, and all of them have their unique challenges. Two of the most common include mild or severe traumatic brain injuries.

Symptoms of Mild TBIs

Some of the more stereotypical symptoms and signs of a mild TBI include lightheadedness, dizziness, headaches, along with memory and thinking problems. An individual who suffers a mild traumatic brain injury may not lose consciousness or even show symptoms for a few days to several weeks.

Symptoms of Severe TBIs

Common symptoms people suffer after sustaining a severe TBI include slurred speech, convulsions or seizures, numbness in the arms and legs, and loss of coordination. The injured party may also have dilated pupils and apparent confusion.

The Civil Statute of Limitations to File a TBI Claim

After suffering injuries and losses because of someone else’s negligence, the clock for the timeframe to sue begins running immediately. Under the Ohio Revised Code section 2305.10, the plaintiff, with help from their attorney, must file the claim for damages at the civil court within two years of the date they sustained injuries.

If the plaintiff is a minor or the injury leads to mental incapacitation, the clock does not begin running until the injured minor turns 18 or the disability ends. A knowledgeable traumatic brain injury lawyer in Cleveland could help ensure the plaintiff files the case within the requirements of state laws.

Speak With a Cleveland Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

Severe injuries, especially those that affect your brain, can make seeking justice after an accident more challenging. An empathetic and diligent attorney could advocate on your behalf and fight for you inside and outside the courtroom. Suffering a severe and life-altering injury can devastate you and your entire family. You should not have to pay the financial costs for the negligent party’s actions.

If a person’s careless behavior caused you to get in an accident, contact an experienced Cleveland traumatic brain injury lawyer to schedule a consultation. These cases can take time for the investigation and evidence review process, and there is a court-enforced time limit to file the civil action. Call soon to start your claim.